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» Is child abuse sinful? Lately the Turpin Case has been in the news a lot, and I witnessed a Baptist completely justifying their child abuse. He said that the Turpin family did a good thing chaining up their children because that was protecting them from sin. He said that the police who intervened were wrong and that the parenting tactics the Turpin family used were good Christian parenting tactics. I personally feel very shocked and disgusted that someone who professes to be a Christian would justify such horrific child abuse.

» Joyce Meyer TV Ministry - I find her interesting. What is your opinion on her teachings? I have not found anything against the Bible in her sermons.

» Does Act 59 of the Wisconsin school choice program cross the line of separation of church and state ?

» Hello, recently my wife and I have started attending a WELS church. We quickly felt at home there and decided to look into membership and have our son baptized. He is a little older at just under 2 years. As he is a little older than a traditional infant baptism, he was a little difficult to handle, so during the baptism the pastor dipped his hands in the water and wiped it out sons head three times instead of pouring it over his head. Is this method still a legitimate way to baptize? I am still trying to learn more and make sure our son was properly baptized while we on our path to membership. I was too embarrassed to ask our pastor, as we are still learning. Thank you for your time.

» For a variety of reasons, our congregation has lost many member families. As a result, the monthly tithe does not meet our "budgeted" expenses. Can we ask the pastor to take a lower salary? As we take funds from the savings account to cover his salary, the account will be depleted in 9 months and the church will have zero money. What happens to our church? I am a worried member.

» I have forgiven a person, but because of a toxic situation, I don’t want anything to do with them. Is that wrong?

» Is it true that Catholics go to a separate place in heaven and those who are not Catholic will not see them?

» I noticed a question on WELS Q&A with regard to the image of God being lost at the Fall of Man and restored in Christians. While I completely agree that the image of God referred to in Genesis 1:26 was lost in the fall and that man is now born dead in trespasses and sin with no righteousness of his own, I also see a different usage of the image of God used in Genesis 9:6, which I believe still sets humans apart from other with intellect/will etc., though because of sin these are born without righteousness. I agree with Paul E. Kretzmann when he comments on this verse: "For in the image of God made He man: murder is a violation of the image of God in man, which the Lord intends to restore in all those that are renewed in faith, and which He wants all men to put on. In a wider sense, therefore, man bears even now the image of God, since he is a rational creature and has an immortal soul." Would I be allowed to hold to this view and still remain in fellowship with a WELS congregation as long as I recognized that some hold a different interpretation here and did not attempt to force my opinion on those who disagree? Thank you for your input.

» Is there really a heaven?

» Would a religious commitment ceremony be accepted in God's eyes? Giving yourself before God just no legal paperwork?

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