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» Peggy Capps has several yoga DVDs for back pain and arthritis. Yoga is sometimes thought of being a gateway to Eastern religions. Is yoga considered not a Christian type of exercise? Thanks.

» I understand that I deserve hell because I have sinned. I understand that there is no hope in being saved and going to heaven through works or good things that I can do. We are saved because Jesus has lived a perfect life, died in our place, and rose from the dead. But how exactly does that pay for our sins? If we deserve to suffer in hell for eternity, wouldn't Jesus have to be suffering in hell for eternity to pay for our sins? Did Jesus go to hell? I know that different people believe different things about where he went after he died and what he did there. Why did Jesus rise from the dead? Is this necessary for our salvation? Thank you.

» My boyfriend, a Lutheran convert, is not a virgin and I am. I’ve been struggling with this on and off for the duration of our relationship. He was very open, honest, and straightforward about his past, acknowledging his sin, his guilt, and his repentance from the very beginning of our courtship, in efforts to maintain transparency. I was surprised, and did not expect it, but I was/am appreciative of his honesty and told him so. I also explained to him that am forgiving of him and his past as modeled in the 5th petition of the Lord’s Prayer. We both value and recognize the importance of maintaining a sexually pure relationship and honoring the 6th Commandment. We have had many conversations about maintaining an appropriate level of ethical premarital activity and agree we will abstain from premarital sex. My struggle comes when I think about his past intimacy with the other women he’s slept with. I realize sex is a gift God grants to a husband and a wife, it is a union of persons, and that it should be protected from being cheapened. It really upsets me to think that if/when we get married, that it no longer has the value that it did. I’m bothered by the memories of others, and I’m insecure because of the inevitable comparison to the past. I mostly feel hurt in a way that words cannot describe. I know he loves me, and he loves God. I know he is remorseful of his transgressions and would change the past if he could. But I don’t know how to find peace and put this out of my mind.

» Does God remove people from our lives? I have a friend who has recently began using this as a means to comfort others or to rationalize when a relationship ends by saying that God was protecting them, or He is going to bring someone better into their lives, or they learned what He needed them to from that person and it time for them to move on. While God could certainly remove someone if he chose, the only place in the Bible I can think of God removing someone was with Phillip and the eunuch, but that is not the context in which she is using it. She is using it more in the context of divorce, rifts in families, the ending of friendships or romantic relationships. I'm at a loss of what to say to her since she fully believes that it is God's will and doing, yet it seems to contradict the Bible.

» Our young adult daughter was recently taken to her glory in heaven after extreme suffering. What is it like for her now? Is she with loved ones? We miss her so terribly. When will our tears stop? We pray for peace.

» Prior to the fellowship split in 1961, were teachers and perhaps pastors from both WELS and LCMS, for a lack of a better term, interchangeable? In other words, could an LCMS pastor or teacher accept a call to the WELS and vice versa? I'm almost 55 and grew up in the LCMS (later joining a WELS church in 1992 and been a member ever since). Recently, I learned that a teacher at the LCMS grade school I attended passed away. So would I be correct to conclude without knowing his complete work history that he may have gone back and forth between the WELS and LCMS prior to the 1961 split? So what happened to teachers and pastors that had LCMS upbringing and education were serving in the WELS right after the 1961 split? Were they grandfathered in or were they required to take some instructions at the various WELS colleges in order to keep their job? Now of course things are different so I don't know how the LCMS handles such things but I would imagine that an LCMS pastor that desires to be called to a WELS church would, in addition to becoming a member, be required to have extensive training at a WELS college and/or seminary first regardless of previous education in the LCMS system? Any help or correction would be appreciated since I'm very curious on both the current and historical practices.

» In viewing many of the websites and social media accounts of various WELS churches, I've noticed many of them focusing on items like blood drives and "National Hot Dog Day." It appears their preaching has also become more "culturally sensitive" with less emphasis on the text. At the same time we hear of our synod membership shrinking every year. Coincidence?

» Is there a WELS church on Maui in Hawaii? I will be visiting soon.

» As a WELS member, would it be a sin for to receive Communion in a Missouri Synod (LCMS) church? The reason I ask is that sometimes when we are away from home, such as in the winter months, there is not always a WELS church nearby. Thank you and God bless.

» What do we do when people tell us that the story of Adam and Eve, the flood, the ten commandments and Moses were written in books before the Bible was even written?

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