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» We believe that God uses baptism to create faith in infants—they need it because of their inherent sinfulness. Why is the same not true of older people? Why would we say that baptism instantly creates faith in babies but not in adults?

» Should Lutherans read the early church fathers?

» During a Bible study on Ephesians, a fellow church member told me that some people are predestined to hell before they are born. How can this be?

» Why does God allow bad things to keep happening when you are asking for help?

» I recently moved from the town where I came to faith in the WELS church, literally across the street, to a location where the nearest WELS church is about an hour and a half away. Although there are a lot of churches around (almost literally one on every corner), there are none that we are in fellowship with. I've felt myself becoming terribly lonely and disheartened by the prospect of never again experiencing fellowship with any neighbors or people in my community. So much so that I've even caught myself losing my desire to witness to "these heathens and false teachers," and I know that emotion is sinful because the first thing that comes to mind when I hold the light of Scripture to my own heart is Jonah trying to evade God's command to witness to Ninevah. Since the logistics of traveling currently preclude getting to the WELS church much more than once per month, what are the best examples from Scripture for a lay-person to live "missionally" and continue to bear witness and fulfill the Great Commission?

» Why did the Israelites do little to spread God's Word (at that time, the promise of the Savior) to other nations?

» Why do Matthew and Luke show different genealogies for Jesus?

» I was speaking with a friend the other day who mentioned that not all "Christian" denominations believe that Christ not only died the worst earthly death, but also suffered in hell for the sins of all people for all eternity. He also mentioned that this was reflected in the Apostles' Creed, and that it was changed years ago. Being a member of the WELS, I am familiar and fully agree with the statement "He descended into hell." However, some denominations changed it to "He descended to the dead." My questions involve a couple concerns: 1) When was this change made and why? 2) Does this change reflect that some Christians don't believe Jesus fully suffered in hell? Thank you.

» While you're in heaven as a spirit and without a body, will you be able to communicate with other spirits if we have no body? Will our thoughts just travel from one spirit to another without talking?

» What's the difference between Islam jihad of wiping out the infidels, and the Old Testament Israelite people going through Canaan and wiping out the peoples there? (e.g., Deuteronomy 7)

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