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» Do we as faithful Christians have a biblical obligation to forgive our neighbor even if they do not ask for it, show no remorse, and refuse to repent? We must forgive unconditionally, as God has forgiven us unconditionally, correct?

» My WELS church announced they were providing ashes for those who wanted it. Is this a synod suggestion for all WELS churches, or is it being suggested for individual churches who want it?

» How does WELS feel about Compass International? Differences, similarities? Thanks.

» I was raised in the CLC and later, in my thirties, started attending WELS congregations. For many of those years I never fully believed the Lutheran teaching on the real presence. The Bible did not convince me that it was the proper understanding. I left the Lutheran church several years ago, however, I'm not afraid of being wrong and changing my position if the Scriptures show me that I'm wrong. My question: I was told as a Lutheran that the simple words of Christ himself, "This is my body, this is my blood" is sufficient proof to support the teaching of the real presence. However, in John 6 Christ talks about himself and of eating his body and drinking his blood. Yet in "The People's Bible" the author says that this language was to be understood figuratively, not literally. I am in agreement with the author and think that it would be supportive of my understanding of the Lord's Supper if Christ's words in Matt. 26:26 were not taken literally. So the question becomes: Why is Matt. 26:26 taken literally and John 6:53 figuratively?

» Is Holy Communion symbolic?

» Can a non-Lutheran guest, who regularly attends a Presbyterian church, receive Communion at a WELS church?

» I grew up WELS and am still a member of a WELS church. My boyfriend attends an EFCA church. We have had discussions on the differences in what we believe, and the largest areas we struggle with are Baptism and Communion. He believes that they are only symbols and not means of grace. I have been struggling with how we differ in these views. In another question (difference between WELS and EFCA), it was mentioned that "doctrinal errors—any errors—are serious and potentially destructive of saving faith." Would this be able to be further explained? Does that mean that believing in one way means you do not go to heaven? Also, as my boyfriend and I continue these discussions, are there any devotions that would assist us as we dive further into these topics? Thank you for your assistance.

» Is theater-going sinful? A Methodist is telling me that theater-going is sinful.

» What is the Book of Jubilees? Thank you.

» What is Baptism, and what does it do?

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