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» There have been recent press mentions about a possible mistranslation of the "Lead us not into temptation" petition in the Lord's Prayer. Does WELS have a comment or position on this issue?

» After losing my job a few years ago, I have been struggling with depression and unemployment. If I were to apply for a job at a Salvation Army thrift store, would it be considered unionism? (cashier or other retail work involved in the operation of the thrift store). Thanks for helping me sort this through.

» Could you give me some background on Neanderthals? Where they came from and did they they mix with humans to create a different species ? My son works for a company that does DNA testing and I am very worried about him and what they are teaching him. I would like to have some solid biblical answers for him but it is really hard to find any Christian answers on this. I hope you will be able to tell me where I can get detailed information of this subject so I can relay it to him and that God can intervene and save his soul. I am deeply worried. Thank you.

» What about evangelism of the Jews? Are they still considered God's chosen people?

» In the past we were able to get calendars from Thrivent that would tell us what each Sunday was, like Advent 2, or when Pentecost began. They no longer supply these calendars. Can you let me know where I can find this schedule for the 2018 year? We use this to plan our ushering and attendance charts. Thank you.

» Is it right or wrong to encourage members of our church to register to vote and participate in the election process? This encouragement would not include suggestions or recommendations regarding how to vote on any particular issue or candidate. Please include Bible references regarding your response. Thanks!

» As I understand it, WELS teaches that there must be complete doctrinal unity before any kind of joint Christian activity can take place amongst believers. And yet when I read your proof passages they all seem to be related to the key teaching of Scripture -- justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Isn't it impossible on this side of heaven to be "in perfect agreement?" It seems like WELS would say that if we agree on everything except who we identify as the Antichrist, we can't pray together. Yet, in Philippians 3:15-16, Paul seems to imply that there is room for disagreement on non-fundamental teachings yet still be together.

» My wife is looking at working in a capacity that would promote a casino/resort. Initially, I thought it could be fine. The Bible does not explicitly forbid gambling. (That does not make it right, however.) The casino is one part of the resort's activities. One could run into a similar problem promoting a hospital that performs abortions (but "abortions" are not what one thinks when they hear the word "hospital," whereas when one hears "casino" they think "gambling") or owning a liquor store. What are your thoughts on such a situation? I understand that if one has doubts, one should not go against their conscience. That is another little wrinkle. My wife doesn't really have doubts, citing biblical examples of people who worked within sinful organizations, such as Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abedego, etc. I'm the one trying to clear my doubts. I've also consulted my pastor, but I am looking for further input. Thanks.

» There is a community program that helps with homeless families in the area. They are sponsored/supported by many local churches. Is it wrong to also support this work that is not affiliated directly a specific church, but supported by many churches and the community at large? Thanks.

» May an LCMS member take Communion at a WELS church after professing their faith to the pastor, and vice-versa?

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